Now in its fourth year, Waffle Time conducted its annual tree planting activity on May 17, 2014 at Apugan Island, La Paz Nueva Valencia Guimaras. The activity is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Program.
WAFFLE TIME, went to plant mangrove seedlings at Apugan Island, an island part of the Taklong Islands National Marine Reserve.

With the assistance of Dr. Rex Sadaba, the mangrove expert from the University of the Philippines Visayas, the company, with its more than 90 management employees successfully supplemented the existing mangrove in the area.

With the companies’ continuous growth and development, a continuous effort towards environmental preservation is what the Waffle Time wants to realize. Each plant is a living statement that the company goes beyond just delivering quality food products and services. It also becomes a steward of the community and the environment.



It started with a dream; a vision on how to contribute to preserving our natural resources. With a steadfast DETERMINATION, the dream became a REALITY. Even before climate change became a by-word; before CSR and Green-Washing became a trend Waffle Time has long started its reforestation mission. Since 1995, Waffle Time has administered planting over 490, 000 trees in 540.79 hectares in Ajuy, Iloilo.

With each tree symbolizing hope for environmental restoration, Waffle Time has successfully restored the rich flora and fauna in Ajuy, Iloilo. In partnership with DENR Integrated Forest Management Agreement (IFMA), since 1995, Waffle Time took on a rather hard mission of bringing back nature`s bountiful beauty.

Winning the Best CSR Program in the Philippine Franchise Awards in 2011, Waffle Time has proven that even small players in the industry can do a great mission for the environment.